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“How can my school best collaborate with others in a strong and resilient structure to ensure that each child is a powerful learner and that adults have the opportunities to learn and develop as teachers and leaders?”

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3A Consulting

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Mark, Tim & Chris are experienced leaders in education who are passionate about learning outcomes and collaborative working

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Who we are

Who We Are

“How can my school best collaborate with others in a strong and resilient structure to ensure that each child is a powerful learner and that adults have the opportunities to learn and develop as teachers and leaders?” 

This was the killer question asked by Steve Munby, the former CEO of the National College for School Leadership in 2017, during a speech on ethical educational leadership. 

The mission of 3A Consulting is contained in all four key elements of this question: 

  • How you lead your schools to engage in deep and purposeful collaboration

  • Enabling your school partnerships and trusts to build strong and resilient structures

  • Help you to improve your schools so that every child becomes a powerful learner

  • Achieving professional growth and development for your teams

If you share these passions and are looking for experienced and committed support to enable you to deliver your goals, we would love to hear from you and work with you. 

Our Offer

We will work in a creative and bespoke way with you. We will design what we do to suit your needs and preferences. Here are some of the ways in which we can help you.


The reality of being a CEO

Practical real life support, coaching and mentoring for your vital role.


Realising a Trust-wide School Improvement Strategy

Developing a sustainable way to perpetually improve all your schools and the learning of children and young people; building and sourcing capacity so that your Trust becomes more than the sum of its parts.


Strategic Trust Reviews

Giving you external experienced insights on your Trust’s strengths, weaknesses and direction.


Coaching Leaders

Helping you and your leaders to reach their full professional potential.


Effective Governance of Trusts

Enabling you to develop robust, supportive and compliant governance cultures and structures at all levels - Members, Trustees and Local. Helping you to define the relationship and responsibilities between your board of trustees and local governance.


Solutions to your Tough Problems

We can help with: 

  • Facilitation and support when you need  to find integrated solutions for complex issues

  • Brokering a solution where deeper collaboration is needed, e.g. trust mergers

  • Mediation where relationship, values or interest conflicts are blocking progress


Interim Leadership Options

We can help by providing interim executive leadership capacity options for trusts as needed.


Keynote Speakers

We can appear as keynote speakers to provide addresses on relevant and topical subjects as speakers at your Trust training or celebration events.

We offer a 30-minute telephone or video consultation to listen to your situation and to discuss your needs free of charge. Please contact us to book your appointment.

Meet The Team

Tim, Chris & Mark are three amigos who connected through working and training together on executive leadership and training events. Each of them has now handed on their CEO roles to others but remains eager to work for the system, if not in the system. Bringing together collectively over 100 years of experience in school leadership and professional skills, the 3A Consultancy creates a unique powerhouse of knowledge and experience of the MAT landscape. They are all passionate to pass on their acquired knowledge and expertise to help other executive and senior leaders in schools and school trusts to make a difference in their communities. And they like each other and work together well!


"As an experienced former CEO with a highly successful track record of working in education, senior leadership and management over many years, Chris has huge experience to draw on. He is passionate about helping schools to improve though working with them rather than ‘doing to’ them. I have always found his reflective, considerate but rigorous approach one that enables solutions to be worked through together."

Maria Dawes, CEO of Schools Alliance for Excellence & Surrey Teaching School Network and former Deputy Director Regional Schools Commissioners Office South-East South London at the Department for Education

"Mark Davies is a system leader. We have worked together for over 25 years and his relentless focus on school improvement, seen through the lens of the children who find education a challenge, has been impressive to see first hand. I have seen him develop his multi academy trust in South Bristol where education standards have been a challenge for many years and to see how he and his team have bucked that trend over recent years has been great to see. In my time as a fellow CEO, the RSC for the South West and later as National Schools Commissioner I was always stuck with the honesty and integrity with which Mark approached his role. I am delighted that he continues to provide support to the sector."

Sir David Carter, former National Schools Commissioner for England

"Having worked well with Chris over several years whilst he was CEO of Schoolsworks Academy Trust, the opportunity to employ Chris for work with schools across West Sussex in progressing their thinking about academy status was eminently sensible. His knowledge of the local context, relationships with the local authority, other academy trusts, schools, diocese and the DfE allowed him to arrange conversations that might otherwise have stalled. His final report has led to some potentially groundbreaking work nationally and we are grateful for his involvement.

Chris was great to work with. In addition to his experience and expertise as a MAT CEO, he brought energy, insight and humour to the project, showing himself to be a good communicator, a quick thinker and always diplomatic and discreet. I would recommend Chris without reservation and would happily work with him again."

Graham Olway MBE, Assistant Director - School Organisation, Resources & School Services at West Sussex County Council Assistant

"I was lucky enough to be introduced to Tim who offered to mentor me through my first year in post as the CEO of a multi academy trust.  Tim provided high quality coaching, backed by a wealth of experience and knowledge which helped me refine my vision and provided a sounding board for discussion of new ideas and initiatives. I have heard Tim speak at many conferences and he is truly inspirational, someone who has made a huge difference, not just to children's lives but the lives of teachers and educators across the UK and beyond."

David Meades, CEO of Dover Federation of the Arts Multi-Academy Trust

"When Endeavour Academy Trust merged with Trust in Learning (Academies) earlier this year, we engaged Chris as our interim/transitional CEO, based on a strong recommendation. His tasks included supporting schools, managing communications, and handling the transfer details with the incoming trust.


During his four-month tenure, Chris adeptly managed the merger, supported a school through an Ofsted inspection, and assisted in recruiting new senior staff. The merger was successfully concluded, and the Board felt reassured and informed throughout his tenure. Chris proved to be professional, knowledgeable, and skilled in prioritising important issues. I highly recommend him for any trust seeking an interim or transitional CEO or as a mentor for trust leaders."

Anabel Sexton, Chair of Endeavour Academy Trust; Vice President, Client and Strategy Service at Buffalo Agency 

"Tim is an astute school leader who has extensive experience of leading groups of schools in this country and abroad. He is highly personable with an excellent memory for names and detail which helps both staff and clients to warm to him quickly. It inspires loyalty and commitment from his team as a result. Tim's rapid grasp of key quality indicators, linked with a strong understanding of the importance of high-quality teaching and learning in classrooms, quickly enables him to focus on the priorities that will help a school or Trust to improve. A nimble mind ensures that he keeps abreast of all current educational developments and initiatives."

John Peckham, School Improvement UK Ltd. - former Headteacher & HMI

"Chris expertly led a governance development day for Penrose Learning Trust. His deep knowledge and experience of the sector, along with his friendly and supportive approach, ensured that a valuable and productive development day was provided to the trust’s governance community."

Catherine Barratt, Head of Governor Services at Schools' Choice National Leader of Governance

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